Careers at ReallyTrusted

Who We Are

We're an independent, bootstrapped, remote-first, growth-oriented early-stage Software-as-a-Service technology company based in Vancouver, Canada. We are focused on serving the Canadian real estate industry.

How to Apply

Please tap here to submit your application. If you'd like to include a message or cover letter for your application, please type it into the message box. Provide your resume as an attachment. Please do not apply by any other means: it's easier for us to ensure that we give due consideration to every applicant when all applications go to the same place. There aren't any Applicant Tracking Systems automatically sending your application to /dev/null here. That's not who we are. 

Current Openings

While a preference will be given to individuals located in or wishing to re-locate to Vancouver, Canada, we are open to individuals from most of the world. You may set your own working hours - we expect that they will have some overlap with our Pacific time working hours to ensure that we have regular opportunities for real-time collaboration when appropriate.

We value our low-meeting asynchronous results-oriented work environment. Your presence in the Vancouver area would simplify including you in our infrequent periodic team-building and business goal-setting sessions.


$60-120k per annum Canadian Dollars + benefits package. This wide range reflects the wide range of experience levels which we are open towards. In your application, we invite you to let us know where you think you fit within our range.


  • Strong written English communication skills. As an asynchronous remote-first company, we look to industry leaders like Gitlab for guidance on building an effective team.
  • Demonstrated software competence. While a computer science degree is an asset, we're happy to look at your work experience, open source contributions, project work, and other ways to establish your suitability for the role.
  • Comfort with Git and collaborative development tools.

We aren't expecting you to have experience with everything listed below, but experience with these things will be an asset.

  • Elixir, Erlang, or the BEAM VM ecosystem
  • Other functional programming languages
  • Web MVC frameworks such as Phoenix or Rails
  • Phoenix LiveView (or similar technologies)
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • PHP
  • CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap or Tailwind
  • Mobile app development, especially with frameworks like NativeScript, React Native, or Cordova
  • Working knowledge of HTML & CSS


We practice a "devops" oriented approach to development. Tools like Docker, Kubernetes, and GitLab are essential aspects of our software lifecycle. A successful employee will be able to work independently, but also won't hesitate to reach out to the team for support or clarification. Code is frequently deployed to production the same day that it is written.

We practice 20% time. We expect an average of one day per week to be allocated as you see fit - this could be for personal errands, to learn a new language or framework, to work on a project outside of your assigned tasks, to rest and relax - however you wish to allocate that day, it is yours.

We are not venture capital funded and we seek sustainability in everything we do. This includes our business model and our approach to our team - we want this to be a place that you'll be eager to stay. We do not live in ivory towers - we have regular direct contact with the users of our software (indeed, our software was initially built to meet the needs of our co-founder). We support the software we build, and we focus on building a quality product that works correctly.

Impact & Career

The ideal candidate will be excited to work at a small company where your contributions will have significant impact. Within your first few days to weeks, we expect you'll ship minor changes into production. Within the first 6 months, we expect you'll be able to ship a minor product feature. Within the first year, and with support from the team, individual team members are expected to design, develop, and ship a major product feature from end-to-end. You will report directly to the CTO of the company.

We're pleased to work with you to support your desired career path. If further advancement as an individual contributor is your desire, we'll be pleased to support that. If you'd prefer a management track, we'll work with you to achieve that too.