ReallyTrusted App Features (Agent)

  • Curated workflows for easy record completion on the go 
  • Remote ID Verification reduces need for mandataries
  • Quick in person ID capture eliminates paperwork time in meetings
  • Send receipt of funds completion requests by email for less friction in data gathering
  • Completed forms are sent back to you, your assistant and/or your brokerage

ReallyTrusted App Features (Brokerage)

  • Automated business relationship management
  • Enhanced risk determination with computer-assisted risk decisioning
  • Automated risk warnings - identify and be notified of situations that may require special compliance attention
  • CSV Exports & Document Retrieval - easily locate and retrieve any document created by your agents. Great for audits

ReallyTrusted App Features (BC Only)

  • Easy completion of BCFSA Mandated Forms (DORT, DERP/DOSER, DRUP, DRET)
  • DERP Workflow handles calculation and email to client in one step
  • All forms auto-submit to brokerage upon client signature or after timeout period
  • Signature platform built-in, no 3rd party signature subscription needed
  • Rescission date and amount calculator at one click
  • Notice of Rescission and Confirmation on Non-Rescission create appropriate audit trail and request read receipt where required